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The aim of the center is to; conduct scientific national and foreign researches and applications regarding natural disasters, an inter-disciplinary issue, within the cooperation of the relevant departments and divisions of the university, arrange education and publication activities, inform the people of natural disasters and raise awaireness in this regard.

Areas of activity

The centerís areas of activity are as follows;

a) Calling scientists and experts from different disciplines who conduct studies regarding earthquake; and conducting and publishing national and international research and development projects in which academic institutions, industrial institutions and other public and private institutions and bodies will participate,

b) Arranging national and international scientific meetings such as seminars, conferences, congresses and symposiums, and education programs regarding earthquake,

c) Cooperating with all the national and foreign institutions and bodies regarding earthquake,

Á) Supporting the research and development activities regarding earthquake conducted by public and private institutions and bodies and the industrial sector, and offering consultation services,

d) Conducting other activities determined by the Board of Directors.

Hacettepe University Research and Application Center for Natural Disasters